1. What is Aadhaar Bridge?

    Aadhaar Bridge is a product of Khosla Labs Private Limited.Khosla Labs a registered AUA and KUA with the Unique Identification Authority of India. (“UIDAI”)

    Aadhaar Bridge offers sublicenses (Sub AUA) - by which you can access APIs for conducting auth and e-KYC transactions.

  2. What is the Authentication transaction?

    The Authentication or Auth transaction can either:
    confirm the presence of the Aadhaar holder :by way of biometric or OTP auth; or;
    verify different fields by way of demographic auth.

    The auth transaction only returns either Yes or No responses: i.e: confirming a match or not.

  3. What are the different forms of biometric Auth supported?

    The UIDAI provides for both fingerprint and iris biometric authenticaton. The sensors need to be STQC certified. Here is a list of the devices we currently support.

  4. What is the eKYC transaction?

    The eKYC transaction retrieves the eKYC data of the Aadhaar holder. The eKYC call will return the photo, name, address, gender and date of birth of the Aadhaar holder.

    It does NOT return the mobile number or email id of the Aadhaar holder.

    With the eKYC services, the following should be remembered:

    • Consent of the Aadhaar holder should be procured for retrieving his eKYC details.
    • The Aadhaar holder needs to be adequately notified of the purpose for which his eKYC data is being retrieved and the company/entity that will have access to it
    • You CANNOT share the eKYC data with a third party. Every party who has access to the eKYC data needs to be sublicensed individually.

  5. I am ready to sign up! But can I take it out for a spin first…
    Not a problem! We offer you the developer kit. For just Rs.5,000 for auth dev kit and Rs.10,000 for auth+eKYC dev it: we give you a fingerprint sensor and two months of unlimited service in the pre-production environment.
  6. What are the different environments made available?

    There are the following:

    1. Staging environment
    2. Pre-production
    3. Production environment

    Staging environment is simulated by the UIDAI for which the UIDAI provides a dummy Aadhaar id to test the system against.

    Pre-production environment returns true values against true Aadhaar ids. It is to be used only for non-commercial testing/demo purposes. It is less stable than the production environment.

    Production environment is the live environment which supports commercial transactions

  7. My product is live. How can I access the Production environment?
    You can access the production environment by signing up for our Enterprise edition package. Click here for further details.
  8. Great! I have signed up for the services. Now what?
    Sign up

    Complete the sign up form with the details of the user. These details will become your login Id and password.

    Please provide as much detail as possible on the end use of your application and how you intend to use the Aadhaar Bridge services. This will help us process your application faster.

    Please note: incomplete or inadequate sign up forms will be rejected.

    Due Diligence

    After you submit your application, the Aadhaar Bridge will conduct due diligence on your application.

    After a successful due diligence, you will receive a link taking you to the Agreement signing step.


    You can choose to sign the agreement either online or offline.

    You can sign the agreement either:
    online with a Digital Signature. Or;
    offline by taking a print out of the document. Where the agreement is offline, and you are an organization, you will also be required to submit a board resolution authorizing the signatory.Refer for the template.

    Where the agreement is offline, scan and send a copy of the agreement (and board resolution) to


    Mail us the hard copy to

    Khosla Labs Private Limited
    #18/2A, GRS Towers,
    2nd floor, Above Spencer’s HyperMart,
    Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 560102
    Karnataka, India

    Attn: Aadhaar Bridge

    After your agreement has been successfully uploaded, you will receive a link to the payment step.


    You will now be redirected to the payment gateway to make your payment online.

    Your onboarding process is now complete!